The number of the doctor on duty is  609 058 688 - available in the case the birth has already begun.

Please inform us that you are coming to our hospital to give birth.

1. Who will operate me?
Please send the type of surgery via e-mail. We will reply with the introduction of doctors who will operate you.

2. Can everyone have a surgery?
Yes, everyone.

3. Who qualifies patients for surgery?
Surgeons of different specialties and anesthesiologists. During the qualification process, the physician, among others, describes the surgery and anesthesia methods.

4. How can I learn about organizational issues and pre-surgery preparations?
At the reception desk, phone no. +48 33 8184685-7. Via e-mail: biuro@klinika-eskulap.pl. During a consultation interview.

5. When does the patient come arrive for surgery?
On the day of surgery. The patient should be prepared for it.

6. How long does the stay at the hospital last?
1-3 days. It all depends on the course of surgery and anesthesia. The distance from the place of residence is taken into consideration.

7. What do I need to have with me on the day of the surgery?
An insurance confirmation document and medical history documentation.

8. Which document confirms the insurance?
The chip card. The insurance card with current entry. The proof of payment of social insurance fees from the last two months. The senior citizen or pensioner card. The Farmer's Social Security Fund book.

9. When does the patient leave the hospital?
When the patient can walk, they have no nausea, they do not vomit and they can eat and drink. When the post-surgery pain is controlled with analgesic drugs administered orally.

10. Are the follow-up examinations after the surgery carried out in your hospital?
The control, the removal of stitches and the post-surgery counseling.

11. Is a visit to the gynecologist's recommended before the delivery?
Yes. At any time. We invite both parents.

12. Will I be able to consult an anesthesiologist?
Yes. At any time. We invite both parents. We will discuss, among others, the anesthesia methods for the delivery and, possibly, the Caesarian section, as well as organization issues.

13. Is it possible to carry out the first stage of delivery in the water?
Yes. The delivery rooms are equipped with bathtubs.

14. Is it possible at your hospital to give birth to a child with conduction anesthesia?
Yes, we carry out this delivery anesthesia on a routine basis. All perinatal procedures are carried out using this type of anesthesia.

15. Is family birth available?

16. Is the father present during the Caesarian section?
Yes, behind glass doors. He is present in person during newborn resuscitation procedure.

17. Are the Caesarian sections the only procedures taking place in the operating rooms for Caesarian sections?

18. Are the delivery rooms single?

19. Where do the mother and the child stay after the birth?
In a double room with a bathroom. The newborn may be with the mother or periodically in a different room. They have their own little bed for the time of their stay at the hospital.

20. Are the obstetrician, neonatologist and anesthesiologist present during the delivery?

21. Is it possible to immediately perform the Caesarian section?
Yes. The time between the decision and the extraction of fetus is ca. five minutes.

22. Do you allow pregnant patients from "outside" - those who are not under the care of physicians from your hospital - to give birth in your hospital?

Jak można uzyskać informację o sprawach organizacyjnych i przygotowaniu do operacji?

W recepcji pod nr telefonu (33) 8184685-7
Kontakt przez e-mail: biuro@cm-eskulap.pl

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